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Spray Tans

Full Body Spray Tan    £20

We all know that too much sun is bad for us but we still want a lovely, healthy, natural-looking tan. And now you can! I will spray you with a light mist of Suntana tanning solution in the comfort and privacy of your own home. I have 4 shades of tan for you to choose from: Coconut - Light, Cherry - Medium, Chocolate - Dark or Blackberry - Extra Dark. The tan application will take around 10 minutes with 10 minutes drying time and 5 minutes set up/put away. You can then get dressed and go about your day/evening! The tan colour you can see straight away is a guide tan so I can see where I have sprayed so don’t be alarmed when this washes away in the shower, your tan will still be there underneath.

 I can provide disposable underwear, you can wear your own underwear, swimwear or  just plain naked for your tan, trust me, I’ve seen it all before so don't be nervous!