Getting the most from your Mobile Treatments

●    Allow enough time for your appointment: To ensure you can relax and enjoy your treatment please allow enough time.  If you are unsure how much time is needed just ask and I am happy to advise. 

●    Allow 10 minutes leeway for your treatment time: I may be running slightly late or early due to traffic, previous clients delays, weather conditions etc which I cannot control. I will do my best to contact you if this should happen but please be patient.  If I am early I am happy to wait in my car until the correct time, do not feel pressured if you are not ready.

●    Ensure you are able to answer your phone/ reply to texts on the day of your treatment. I may need to contact you. If this is your first treatment with me I may need directions to your house. Although I use a SatNav this is not always 100% accurate and I may need some guidance. I may also need to contact you if I am running late/ early or if I am unwell.

●    Understand I’m only human: Please understand that I am a one person business and I cannot help being occasionally unwell. I will do my best to keep any appointments made but sometimes I will have to cancel. Any cancellations will be offered first refusal of the next available appointment after I have recovered.

●    Give 24hours notice for cancellations: If you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment time please let me know at least 24 hours in advance so I can offer the space to other clients. I am a one person business working for myself so if I have an empty appointment slot, I am not earning any money for that hour. Please see my contact page for my cancellation policy

●    Relax! Enjoy your treatment! One of the biggest perks of having a a treatment done in your home is that you can just relax at home. I don’t mind if you answer the door in your onesie with your hair in rollers! This is your time to relax and be pampered, whether that’s just having an hour to sit and drink tea while having your nails done or putting your favourite show on and having a pedicure. 

●    Ensure you can accommodate your treatment: Please check you have the necessary space/ accessible plug points/ table and chairs etc for your treatment. You can check what is needed for each treatment below:


Approximately 1.5x2m open space for the tent to set up
1 accessible plug point in the room (I have an extension cable)
A decent light source



1 table and 2 chairs (I will provide a mat to protect your table)
1 accessible plug point (I have and extension cable)
A decent light source


1 chair/sofa for you to sit comfortably on
1 plug point if you are having Gel polish
Hot running water to fill the pedi bath
Clean towels to dry your feet with
Approximately 1.5 metre of space in front of the chair
A decent light source



1 plug point
At least 2m x 2.5m of space for the waxing bed
A decent light source



1 plug point
A sofa or chair you can recline on
A decent light source