I am  Kim Lawless trained(the leading authority on waxing in the UK) and use only Perron Rigot wax, the best on the market, to ensure you are silky smooth and happy every time! I have been taught Kim Lawless’s own famous technique which she has developed herself and is now sought after worldwide, Kim’s Technique minimises discomfort and maximises effective removal so you know your in safe hands! As with all my treatments waxing is available mobile, however for Leg and Bikini waxing I bring my beauty couch etc with me (so as not to risk your lovely furniture!) so I do need a lot of space. If you are unsure if you can fit me in then call me and I can estimate the space I need. For brow, face, underarm waxing etc I can do it on a chair or sofa. I just need a plug point nearby to plug in my wax pot.

Before and Aftercare Advice